Compensation for lost fingertip

Our client was a migrant worker involved in a motorcycle crash. He lost the tip of his right pinkie.


The reason our client chose us to represent him is because of our experience in handling personal injury claims for migrant workers and overseas students.


Once our client engaged us, we investigated the circumstances of his accident, and determined that he was not at fault. The insurance company of the other party in fact  promptly accepted that the accident was the other party’s fault.


The real issue was the value of the claim. While the injury itself was serious, our client was thankfully able to return to work after about 1 week, and the question was whether this accident would in fact result in any loss of earning capacity in the future. 


We successfully argued that even if our client’s current earnings are no less than what they were before the accident, given that our client was a young man it was still possible that the long term impact of the injury was that he would be at risk of loosing out on job opportunities if there are any further complications in the finger. 


The insurance company accepted our arguments. The settlement terms contained an allowance for future economic loss (potential loss of future wages).  Our client was very happy with the settlement.


It has to be added that our client was an overseas student and he was very appreciative of the fact that in his matter we were able to come to a successful resolution within a very short timeframe.