Real life compensation claim examples. read about some of the claims we have handled for our clients

This is a growing collection of real life examples of compensation matters. We have Queensland personal injury claims, motor vehicle claims, work accidents as well as disability insurance matters (total and permanent disability).


We have handled large and complex claims to small (and relatively) straightforward ones as well. We want you to know that if you entrust us to represent you, and if we believe you have a legitimate claim, we will do our best and won’t stop until you receive fair compensation – and the examples below show this. 

$375K Compensation for Injury after Heavy Lifting

We break down how we calculated compensation to an injured worker.

Large Settlement After Serious Motorbike Crash

We secured a large compensation amount to our client.

Compensation for Lost Fingertip

Our Client lost his fingertip in a motor vehicle accident

Foot Injury Compensation Claim

We secured significant compensation for a client who suffered injury to his foot.

$200,000 TPD Payout For Psychological Condition

We secured $200,000 from a TPD insurance company.

Shopping Centre Slip and Fall

Failure to clean up wet surface results in payment to our client

Compensation for Army Veteran

Army veteran with multiple pre-existing injuries received large compensation

Compensation to Injured Motorcyclist

We secured compensation for a seriously injured motorcyclist