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Denes Lawyers helps you make smart decisions about your legal problems. You may want to start by finding the best section below to learn about your situation and how we can help. The best thing to do then is to contact us directly so that we can talk about your situation.

Injury Law

We represent people who have been injured in an accident throughout Queensland.


Visa Applications, Cancellations AAT and the Federal Court representation

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We think it is really important that you research your legal problem before you hire a lawyer or sign any forms. This is why we have written free and immediately available books and eBooks. You can access these right now to learn more about your situation and how we can help.


If you are interested in compensation law, we have a free hard copy book called Seven Deadly Sins That Will Wreck Your Injury Claim. Head to the application page now so that you can claim your book.


If you are interested in migration law, our immediately available free eBook is Save Your Visa – Even If You Have Failed the Character Test. Download it here.

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In Your Corner. In compensation law and migration matters, the outcome you achieve largely depends on your lawyer’s ability to effectively advocate for you in a courtroom setting and in settlement conferences/mediation. Yet you would be surprised how many lawyers don’t get out from behind their computer screen to fight for you, and how uncomfortable they get in an adversarial situation.


If we accept your matter, you will be represented by Oszkar Denes. He is an experienced lawyer and a proactive advocate. He has personally appeared in all courts of Queensland (Supreme, District, Magistrate) as well as the Federal Court and Federal Circuit Court.


In the area of compensation/insurance claims, before Oszkar started his own firm, he acted for insurance companies and knows all their strategies and tactics. These days, Oszkar exclusively acts for injured people. He handles a limited number of cases each year and ensures that his clients get more than other firms would be able to achieve. In fact, each year several new clients sign up with us who have been referred by Oszkar’s old lawyer colleagues from the defendant insurance side who trust our services and the outcomes we deliver.


In migration law, we act in a number of complex visa applications and visa cancellation cases. We don’t just fill out visa application forms. We are often required to make detailed written submissions to the Department of Home Affairs on behalf of our clients and we represent them before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and the Federal Court.


Clear Fee Structure. Our fees and client service agreements are very simple. In compensation/insurance matters, we work on a no win –  no fee basis. We pay all expenses and we cap our fees at 25% of your recovery.  In migration law matters, we quote a fixed fee at the beginning which won’t change.