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our expertise

We service our clients in two areas: Compensation claims and Immigration matters.


compensation claims

We represent claimants against insurance companies in personal injury claims. 

We have handled a variety of different injury claims, and we are very experienced in fighting against insurance companies.

Before starting his practice, Oszkar used to act for insurance companies. He understands the tactics insurance companies regularly use against claimants. This inside knowledge and experience enables Oszkar to obtain the highest possible compensation for his clients; more than what large firms achieve.

We have experience in representing clients in all courts and tribunals in Queensland, as well as the Federal Court of Australia.


immigration law

We also specialise in Australian Immigration Law. We help you with Partner Visa applications. We also work on complex migration cases, such as visa cancellations, Tribunal appeals, Federal Court reviews and Ministerial interventions, to name a few.or in Court.

Oszkar is a highly skilled advocate who provides you detailed advice about your visa options and represents you before Courts and Tribunals.

Being a migrant himself, Oszkar understands the anxiety which is associated with the immigration process, and he will advocate in your interests using every possible avenue to ensure a positive visa outcome is achieved.