Cycling accident

River loop with BBR (circa winter 2017?)

Cycling Lawyer Helping Fellow Cyclists

I love going out for a ride around Brisbane, doing a river loop or closer to home just a quick a ride between Augustine Heights and Ripley.

However, as a cyclist I am also aware of the “dark side” of cycling: impatient and/or aggressive drivers who refuse to share the road with cyclists. There are also the distracted drivers who fail to notice cyclists around them. Over the years, I can’t say that there has been a great improvement in cycling safety in Queensland. There are still about 800 injured cyclists each year in this State.

The Unique Nature of Cycling Crashes

The real issue is that the effects of a crash on a cyclist can be devastating. The injuries are often serious or fatal (there are many crashes involving heavy vehicles) and the cyclist’s ability to go out again on a ride is being put on a long-term hold. This in turn has further negative health consequences. As well, the cyclist’s self confidence after a crash is probably at a low, which may also prevent them from returning to ride. Then there is the expensive property damage to the bike itself.

Nudgee ride 2018 winter

Challenges and Why You Need Representation from a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

I am an experienced personal injury lawyer and I am also a cyclist. Why is this important? Because your lawyer must have an understanding about who is at fault in a particular traffic situation. In many instances, Police may simply assume that the cyclist was at fault. If there are witnesses, they may not be sympathetic to the cyclist and tell Police that the driver didn’t do anything wrong.

Your lawyer’s job is to not just accept what the police report or witnesses say. Rather, your lawyer must critically examine the evidence and determine whether you have a case.  Your lawyer must understand the situation from your perspective. I have cycled around Brisbane’s crash “hot spots”, I know what it’s like to ride in group or on your own. I appreciate what is the level of care which can be reasonably expected from a cyclist and from a driver in any particular situation. The reality is this: if your case is not completely clear cut and you choose a lawyer who doesn’t have personal cycling experience, they may lack the confidence to take your case to trial, and might talk you into settling for less than fair compensation.

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