Accidents and Injuries

Here is how we can help today


  • Request our FREE Hard Copy Book, 7 Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Personal Injury Claim. This book is completely FREE and it explains the Queensland personal injury compensation process in detail. You DO NOT need to be a client of ours to obtain this book. 


  • Call our office at (07) 3062 2268  and speak to one of our staff members about your case. You can schedule a consultation with Oszkar Denes. 


  • Browse our collection of articles, FAQs and blog posts. If you don’t see your question answered there, fill out the contact form on our website and tell us more about your specific situation.


The team at Denes Lawyers wants to help you get maximum compensation in your personal injury claim. Our main office is located at Springfield Lakes, Queensland, but we have additional spaces to meet with you at Greenslopes, Murrarie, Garden City and Varsity Lakes. 


25% Fee Agreement

In all of our personal injury compensation matters, we act on a  No Win – No Fee basis. What that means is, there’s no upfront cost to you.


In Queensland, most compensation firms will charge you 50% of your compensation amount. (That’s the maximum they can charge under the law.) Our fee is different. We will cap our fee at 25% if we don’t have to file a claim in court. If we have to file a claim in court, then the cap is 33%.  Remember also, these are the maximum fees we will charge. If our fee in your claim is less, then we charge the lesser amount.

How to find a Queensland Personal Injury Lawyer?


Have you noticed how many lawyers are out there talking about how “aggressive” they are or how they “care” for you? We think if you need to say it that much, you should probably spend more time doing it instead. But they rarely ever share any information that could help you with your claim. We want to change all of that…


We want to actually provide you with real, useful information about car accidents and other injury claims for you.


If you have questions, the best way to start your conversation with our professional team at Denes Lawyers is to pick up the phone and dial us – the conversation is 100% confidential and without any obligation:


Call us at (07) 3063 2268 and for a free and confidential conversation about your claim (and to receive a free copy of 7 Deadly Sins that can wreck Your personal injury Claim)


What you can expect when you call us today:

  • You will speak to Oszkar Denes about your claim. He will ask you:
    • Where the accident happened
    • What were your injuries
    • If there was a police report
    • What happened just before the accident
    • What happened just after the accident
    • Who was in the vehicle with you
    • What your medical treatment has been since the accident
    • If you missed work or other appointments
    • What the insurance company has communicated with you


  • We will then make an appointment to meet you face to face. If we do not take your specific type of case, we will refer you to one of our solicitor partners who can best assist you.


  • After your call, you will receive an introductory toolkit with information about your case and resources you can use.


We believe in adding value to people’s lives. If we see that hiring us will not add value to your claim, we will make a recommendation for another lawyer who can help or, give you information on settling your case yourself. We will NEVER pressure you into hiring us for your case if that does not benefit you.