Personal injury claims

You have a Personal Injury claim if you suffered either physical or psychiatric (mental) injuries through somebody else’s fault. The injury may occur at work, in a car accident or at a public place. In order to make a successful claim you will need to prove two things. Firstly, that somebody else was actually at fault. Secondly, you have to prove the amount (or quantum) of your loss.


Denes Lawyers is an expert firm in the area of personal injury law. We do everything possible to help you recover financial compensation for income loss (past and future), loss of superannuation contribution benefits, medical and travel expenses, pain and suffering, the costs of home assistance and more. We have a successful record of recovering substantial compensation for deserving individuals and their families who have suffered traumatic physical and mental injuries.


We are selective in the matters we take to ensure we are able to pay individual attention to each matter. We service clients everywhere in Queensland and in select cases also in the Northern Territory and in NSW. If we think that we can help, then in most cases we are able to offer to cap our professional fees at 25% of your recovery.


If you are based in Queensland and would like to find out more about the Queensland personal injury compensation claim process, request our FREE Hard Copy Book, 7 Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Personal Injury Claim.You don’t need to be a client of ours to obtain this book.


25% Fee Agreement

In all of our personal injury compensation matters, we act on a  No Win – No Fee basis. What that means is, there’s no upfront cost to you.


In Queensland, most compensation firms will charge you 50% of your compensation amount. (That’s the maximum they can charge under the law.) Our fee is different. We will cap our fee at 25%.  Remember also, these are the maximum fees we will charge. If our fee in your claim is less, then we charge the lesser amount.

Personal injury law is a very broad area requiring an expert compensation lawyer. Please contact  us on (07) 3063 2268 to discuss how we can represent you in matters including:












Frequently asked questions

Is there a time limit to bring a compensation claim in Court in Queensland?

Yes. It is generally 3 years. However, in Queensland, before you can actually file a claim in Court, you must first complete some "pre-court" steps. The pre-court steps have their own set of deadlines. They differ depending on whether you have a car accident claim, a workplace injury or a public place accident. Many claims are settled during the pre-court stage, so it's important not to miss any deadlines.

How do I prove that my injuries were caused by someone else's fault?

In some cases, the answer is obvious. For example in a traffic crash if the other party fails to give way when they should have then they are at fault. In other cases this may be more difficult and we may need to obtain expert evidence. Our job is to advise you at the early stages of your claim how we can prove that your accident was someone else's fault.

What if the accident was partially my fault? Can I still get compensation?

In short, yes. But the amount of compensation would be reduced to take into account your contribution to the accident. Of course, the real dispute will be just what was the extent to which you were at fault. Our job is to convince the other side (and the judge if necessary) that you were not at fault or that your contribution was minimal.

Will my case have to go to court?

Most cases settle before court proceedings are commenced. However, we do not accept a matter unless we believe we can win in court if necessary.

I am unhappy with my current lawyer. Can Denes Lawyers take over the matter?

We can and we will be able to ensure that switching lawyers will be a smooth process for you. However, we will first have to take detailed information about your claim and we need to understand why you want to change lawyers and what your previous lawyers have done to date to advance your claim.