In Queensland, if you have suffered injury at your workplace, you are covered by workers’ compensation insurance.  The good news is that this means if you can’t go back to work for a while, WorkCover will pay most of your lost wages, as well as your medical bills.


But in some cases, WorkCover may try and refuse to pay you if they believe that your injury is not work related. If this happens, you have a right to appeal.


You should also know that you may be entitled to much more than what WorkCover initially offers you by way of reimbursement of lost wages and medical bills. Read on as we provide a basic explanation of your rights.

at the start of your workcover claim…

Every worker in Queensland is covered in case an accident happens at work. This means that if you suffer injury, you should report it to your employer straight away. You can then notify WorkCover Queensland about what happened. When WorkCover accepts your claim, they will start paying your wages and your medical bills. These payments don’t last forever, but the idea is that in most cases WorkCover should keep paying you until you are well enough to return to work.


In some cases WorkCover will reject your claim if they believe your injuries are not work related. Be aware that you have the right to appeal. Initially, the appeal is decided very quickly by the Workers’ Compensation Regulator. If you disagree with the Regulator’s decision, you can still appeal to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission and eventually to the Court.


We are happy to help you with your WorkCover appeal if we believe you have reasonable chances of success.

you may get more than just compensation…

If your injury was caused by your employer’s negligence, then you can obtain a significantly higher compensation payment. Also, it is not uncommon that our investigations reveal that in addition to your employer, other companies were also at fault. This can happen for example at large commercial construction sites.


If you can prove that someone was at fault and this led to your accident, you can claim higher compensation. You can also claim damages not just for your lost earnings, but for losses which you might potentially incur in the future. This can add up to a significant lump sum payment.


It’s really important to thoroughly investigate your situation, so that you recover everything that you are entitled to. We have the experience and resources to investigate and prosecute your claim on your behalf.

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