What Is An Independent Medical Examination For WorkCover? 

Towards the end of your WorkCover Queensland statutory claim, Workcover will send you for an Independent Medical Examination.


There are two reasons for the Independent Medical Examination.


  • To determine if your injuries are stable and stationary
  • To assess if you have suffered permanent impairment.


The examination is done by a specialist. WorkCover chooses the specialist.


Regular doctor vs workcover’s independent examination doctor

Your regular doctor is there to treat you.


WorkCover’s doctor is hired by WorkCover. They do not treat you. In fact, there is no doctor-patient relationship between you. Nothing you say to them is confidential. Most of these doctors won’t even tell you what they think of your condition, because they only advise Workcover.


You might ask, are these doctors really independent? The answer is they are independent in the sense that they are not formally employed by WorkCover. However, WorkCover maintains a panel of doctors whom they use in each area of specialty. (For example, if you suffered a disc bulge injury, you need an orthopaedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon.) This means that you can’t just say to WorkCover that you want your specialist to perform the independent medical examination. WorkCover will choose someone from their own list, and these specialists tender to be included in the list in order to get this lucrative work.


What happens at the independent medical examination

WorkCover’s specialist will ask you questions about how your incident happened. 


The doctor will also ask you about your current symptoms and limitations.


This will be followed by an examination. A few things to remember here:


  • if the doctor asks you do something (such as bend your knees, twist etc) do it but don’t try to do more than you can without pain. WorkCover doctors will commonly encourage you to do more (“surely this doesn’t hurt yet…“). This is a trap. In their report, they will say you could do what they asked you to do, but they won’t report that you suffered pain.
  • during the examination, be honest. Doctors can spot if you pretend that something hurts when it doesn’t.
  • WorkCover’s doctors may try and suggest to you that your injuries in fact happened outside of work. This is a try on. Don’t let yourself be pressured into something that’s not true.

The examination usually takes between 45 minutes to 1 and a half hours although some examinations can take longer. The doctor will ask you questions about your incident, your injuries, symptoms, difficulties at work and at home. They will perform a physical examination. Then, when you have left  they will write a detailed (8-10 pages on average) report to whoever engaged them (sometimes they dictate this while you are still there).


For our clients, we provide a written memo before the examination to outline in detail what to expect. This will ensure there are no surprises and that you get the most out of the examination and report.


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