Car accident on the way to work. Can you claim compensation?

When you are injured in a car accident in Queensland, you can claim compensation from the at fault driver’s insurer. This is called a car insurance claim or a CTP insurance claim.


However, if the accident happens on your way to work (or on your way from work) you are also entitled to claim compensation from WorkCover. This is called a journey claim.


So in this situation, you would have two claims on foot at the same time. You have a car insurance compensation claim, and you also have a worker’s compensation claim.  Click here to read about a real case we handled for a motorcyclist injured on their way home from work.


There are some important advantages for you in this.


For example, WorkCover will keep paying your wages if you are unable to return to work either temporarily or permanently). WorkCover will also pay your medical bills.


This means even if your car insurance compensation claim takes a long time to resolve, you still have financial security in the meantime.


What to do if you suffer a car accident on the way to work?

#1 Seek medical assistance


The first step in all accident claims is to seek medical assistance and then follow the treating doctor’s recommendations.


#2 Notify the employer


If the accident happened on the way to or from work, you should notify your supervisor. Your employer will help you with the paperwork to make a WorkCover compensation claim.


WorkCover will investigate the claim in the initial stages (which will likely take no longer than a few days) and then they will start paying your wages and your medical bills.


#3 Notify the at fault driver and their insurer


As soon as possible after the accident, the at fault driver and their insurer should be notified. 


The notification is done by completing a Notice of Accident Claim form.


The Notice of Accident Claim form is given to the at fault driver’s insurer. The insurance company can be identified by undertaking  a registration search here. You should be aware that there are strict time limits to notify the at fault driver insurer and make a car accident compensation claim. Read about the time limits here.


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