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Safety Issues For Motorcyclists
Oszkar Denes recently attended 2 branch meetings (Ipswich and Brisbane) of the Historic Motorcycle Club Queensland to discuss important safety issues affecting motorcyclists.   Whenever
Know your rights working from home
These days, with advances in technology, and changing workplace cultures, more and more people get the chance to do work from the comfort of their
Car accident insurance trap you need to know about
A mother and father were teaching their 17-year-old son to drive, together with their 2 younger children at the back seat. The 17-year-old (Mason), not
Presentation to the Historic Motor Cycle Club Queensland
It was a pleasure to present at the Historic Motor Cycle Club’s April meeting held at the Pine Rivers Club House. The presentation was about
11 tips for what to do at a car accident scene
If you are the driver of a vehicle (or a rider of bicycle), and you are involved in an accident, here are 11 tips on
$1.7 M award against employer in a trip and fall accident at work
In a recent judgment the Supreme Court of Queensland found that if employees use stairs at the workplace, then the employer must ensure there is no
Preventing cycling injury: the Dutch Reach
One of the most dangerous situations encountered daily by cyclists is when people open the door on the driver’s side of a vehicle right next
Injured on a journey between your home and your workplace?
Most people know that if they suffer an injury or illness at work, they can claim compensation from WorkCover. However, did you know that you
Dog owners’ liability for injury caused by animal
Whether you own a dog or have been attacked by one, this post explains dog owners’ responsibilities in preventing injury or damage by their animal.