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These articles have been written for Queensland residents who may have suffered injury in a car accident, slip and fall, work accident or in some other situation. We work hard to bring you fresh, free, useful information that may be relevant to your claim. If you don’t find the answer to your question, call us on (07) 3063 2268 and we will be happy to assist.

Five Important Things To Know About No Win No Fee Agreements
Find out more about No Win No Fee Agreements in Queensland
Large Settlement After a Motorbike Crash
We secured large compensation to our client who was in a serious motorcycle accident.
How Much Compensation Do I Get For Pain and Suffering After a Queensland Accident?
Find out how much pain and suffering compensation do you get after a Queensland Accident.
Compensation Claims for Injured Migrants and Visa Holders
If you suffered an injury whilst on a permanent or temporary visa, you have rights to seek compensation.
Employed by a Labour Hire Company. Can I get WorkCover?
Injured While Employed by Labour Hire Company? You Can Get WorkCover
Workplace Injury Compensation to Army Veteran
Our client was an Army Veteran. He suffered injury in a workplace accident due to faulty machinery.
Shopping Centre Slip and Fall Compensation
Our client got hurt in a shopping centre slip and fall. Read how we obtained compensation for her.
Real Life Example: Compensation to Injured Motorcyclist
Read about how we successfully handled a claim for an injured motorcyclist
WorkCover Queensland wants to end my claim. Now what?
What to do if WorkCover Queensland wants to end your compensation claim?
Whiplash Injury Compensation Claims in Queensland
If you suffered whiplash injury in an accident in Queensland, you may be entitled to seek compensation. Find out how.